Ignacio Urbina
Professor of Industrial Design
Pratt Institute, New York

“The role of the designer and the real work of the designers, especially at the start of the millennium, is to find a way to watch the territories of action in a broad sense, with sensitivity and thoroughness. In this direction I see the professional work of the Venezuelan designer Jacinto Salcedo, whom I know personally and professionally for over 20 years.

I met Jacinto Salcedo when he was student at the School of Visual Communication and Design – Prodiseño in Caracas. His professional training in one of the most influential schools in Venezuela, allowed Jacinto move fluently different routes. Early on, he was involved in complex projects related to image and branding, always very close to those who had been references in the national design.

He was faculty member of Prodiseño for over 15 years. His time as a professor and researcher at the School was devoted also to the development of other activities. So, we had the opportunity to organize together the 1st. Meeting on History and Design Studies, an academic event of the highest level. In 2002, a genuine and powerful idea to disclose and investigate design in the country, we founded the website Objetual – Design Issues in Venezuela.

I can fully endorse his integrity as a designer and teacher, and his commitment to research, as well as his remarkable enthusiasm for documentation and the dissemination of information in the design field. Jacinto Salcedo is much more than a designer. He believes in the value of content; and as a consequence, he has a very unique approach in his work. He understands the significance in the impact of design and has done outstanding work for brands, museums and companies.”

Mark Kelso
Head of the Percussion Department at Humber College’s School of Music, Toronto.

“Jacinto Salcedo did the graphic artwork for my instructional drumming DVD, “Musician First, Drummer Second”. Jacinto was very easy to work with and gave me a variety of great ideas to choose from. Once I decided on a cover design he was very efficient in getting finalized artwork to me as well as paying strict attention to all my detail changes. Overall, I was very happy with Jacinto and his work. Highly recommended!”

Tony Marques
Senior Graphic Designer, Toronto

“I have worked with Jacinto for over four years. During that time I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him on numerous projects, from identity development to full blown brand campaigns, both print and digital. I can say with confidence that Jacinto has not only shown a rare gift of intuitive creative aesthetic sensibility but also a consistent ability to art direct and inspire creative talent. He works extremely well under pressure and has a flare for bringing out the best in everyone that is part of his team, whether it be a designer, supplier or client. Jacinto is a strong, talented and confident leader and has proven himself to that task whether it be in the boardroom, design studio or working with an intern one on one.

I highly recommend Jacinto not just for his creative leadership and art direction expertise but most importantly for his kindness, passion, generosity, inspiration and humility.”

Anto Herrera
Business owner. Sabana Cheese
sabana.ca, Toronto

“Jacinto has been a key contributor to the Sabana project. Sabana is a brand that evokes authentic Latin flavours combined with Canadian ingredients to form a variety of Latin-inspired cheeses. Jacinto captured Sabana's concept beautifully and translated it into a clean, stunning design.

He took his expert design and creative writing skills to a whole different level by adding striking product descriptions and providing advise on brand positioning and marketing. All this resulted in impressive materials that make the product stand out in shelves!”

Sigal Cohen
sigalcohen.com, Miami

“Jacinto Salcedo is more than a teacher, he is a mentor. His work on investigating and registering the history of design in Venezuela has given us, who work within this industry, the opportunity of learning and having a much wider understanding about our context. With his insightful yet light and unique style of writing he has become a point of reference to us all.”

Penelope Plaza
Founder of Collectibox.com

“Jacinto's knowledge of the history of design, especially of Venezuelan design, and his role as professor in one of major design schools in Caracas proved him to be a great asset for the British Council's Design projects in the country; providing insight into the local design scene in order for us to successfully include Venezuelan design/designers into our UK based projects. He is always open to collaborate, is very generous in providing information and is well respected by his peers. Most recently, he was the chief of the jury that selected the designer that will represent Venezuela at the International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year Award in London. At the British Council we hope to maintain close professional ties with Jacinto regardless of him moving to Canada.”

Eric Marshall
Vice President, Client Services at Blazing The Agency
blazingtheagency.com, Oakville

“Having worked with Jacinto on many projects for various clients, I can say that, refreshingly, Jacinto balances his creative thinking with a sound understanding of his clients’ business objectives. This thoughtful approach ensures that the output is not just well-designed, it is well-positioned to impact business. His ability to do this with a smile sets him apart and makes for true, effective collaboration.”

Jaime Bello-León
Host and Producer of Los Pasos Perdidos. Daily Radio Show with Elías Pino Iturrieta. at Radio Capital 710 AM, Caracas
Editor of elestilete.com

“Jacinto Salcedo and I worked together for almost 15 years. At the beginning, I contracted him as a free lancer to create the design concept of La Brújula, a very successful weekly magazine in 1995. Three years later, we were hired by El Universal (the largest newspaper in Venezuela) to create another magazine, La Guía de la Ciudad. By October of 2001, we decided to open our own consulting and creative firm, so we became business partners. Very different projects related to the communication business were attended with the highest standards. Jacinto was the most valuable tool of this partnership due to his creative and at the same time very organized mind. He is a very experienced graphic designer; of those able to catch since the first conversation what the customer wants. He is a very pragmatic person with direct language and kind manners. He is some one to trust because he is a man of the most firm and honest convictions. Since he moved to Canada in 2007 he remained an adviser for me.”

Bernardo Padrón
Music Educator
ExDir, Baddest Beatz Inc., Toronto

“Simply put, the 8 fantastic CDs produced by our program's talented youth would not have been possible without the unconditional professional support and donated work by Jacinto—as a graphic designer, branding consultant and most importantly, as an active Director on our organization's Board.

As the Executive Director of a budget-strapped NPO, I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to Jacinto for his impassioned dedication and unwavering commitment to our cause.”