Photo by Satellite Muse

Photo by Satellite Muse


I believe in design. Design that is simple and that is resourceful. Design that evokes emotion. Design that makes you feel good about it. Design as the visual expression that communicates a message from the page to the space. Design that is functional, resourceful, problem solving –and not just pretty pictures.

For me design is a way of life. Design is about criteria and connections.  There is no real design without strategy or vision and there is no real design without limitations of some sort (time, budget, resources).

As a designer I have the discipline, the hours of flight and yes, I know the software that is described on all the job postings.

I came from Venezuela. A country where there is so much to be done that one had to take over whatever job was needed to make things happen. There, in order to be a designer, I needed to do concepts, layouts, photography, illustration, prepare the art for output, be a producer and supervise the printer, all by myself. That struggle became training. That lack of resources made me resourceful. I’m trained in overcoming obstacles. I’m trained to think that something is possible even when people tell me it's not.

As an outsider I have a healthy dose of suspicion of how things work, and I use it to my advantage.

I want to provide creative solutions that come from the craft of a seasoned designer, I want to put my experience and passion to the service of new challenges.


Best Presentation Centre. “Odyssey by Rosehaven Homes”. Niagara Home Builder Association Awards 2019.

Best Printed Ad. “Odyssey by Rosehaven Homes”. Niagara Home Builder Association Awards 2019.

Best email Campaign, "Sean", Bild (GTA Home Building Association) Awards 2015

Best Logo, "Treetops". Ontario Home Building Association, 2014

Best Marketing Campaign, "Pathways". Canada Home Building Association, 2013

Best Art Book, "Carteles MBA". Ministry of Culture, Venezuela, 2005